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Welcome to Body Mind Insights! Thank you for visiting my page.

Whether you are looking for different ways of managing your physical symptoms, better ways to nourish yourself, improving your mental performance, stabilising your emotions, sculpting your body or finding out how to get your zest back, you are at the right place.
At Body Mind Insights, I lead you towards optimum health by harnessing your innate ability to self-heal. We explore the various causes of your dis-ease or ill health, be it physical, subtle, acute or chronic.
Together we arrive at tailor-made solutions to help you overcome your wellbeing challenges using a variety of disciplines I am fully qualified in:

Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine, BodyTalk, BodyIntuitive, Phytobiophysics and Pranic Healing.

Whether you realise it or not, you have the power to re-create your health once you conisder new insights gained during the process I guide you through. 

Remember, whatever your experience to date, it is never too late to start on your journey to optimal wellbeing.

What Body Mind Insights is about

Working with me at BODY MIND INSIGHTS enables you to gain deeper understanding of your problems in order to break the cycle of cause and effect, speaking broadly. My goal is not only to help you return to the best of your health possible but also to give you self-help tools to maintain it. Like a bridge to take you forward, re-kindling this self-healing ability is the key to your future, awareness-based, well deserved optimal wellbeing.


Your BODY is your physical self, your vehicle. Your MIND is a process that arises from the body’s attempt to interpret what is happening or position itself to your internal and external environment. Some believe it resides in the brain alone, however it affects the whole body as it regulates the flow of information and creates awareness.

Thus you can say that the BODY MIND is one and the same. They both affect each other, e.g. when you have been stressed for a while, you may feel low, and when you feel depressed, your body may feel even worse and begin to trigger disempowering thoughts and emotions to arise.

The main principles behind my approach

Below – a few underpinning principles used in the process of exploring your state of health:
  • Everything within your body is inter connected, just as your body and mind
  • You are unique so I focus on you as a whole, not just on your ‘condition’
  • You are an energy information field made up of your body, thoughts, emotions and beliefs
  • Your field continuously connects to everything around you
  • Your own energy field dictates the condition of health in your body
  • Your body knows how to heal itself – it is all in your information field
  • Your genes are not your destiny – how you live your life affects them (= epigenetics)

How I apply them

  • My approach is rooted in a Functional Nutrition approach to create a healthy foundation using dietary recommendations, supplements and other lifestyle modifications where necessary.
  • I also incorporate a range of energetic approaches to ascertain where the dis-harmony is present in the body mind. I facilitate its return to the ‘original’ sound or ‘vibration’ by following your time-line from before conception till now.
  • I source knowledge from several eastern and western healing systems, including Ayurveda, Classical Chinese Medicine, Japanese diet, eastern metaphysics and yogic breathing techniques as well as modern anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, nutrition, herbalism, flower and tree remedies, hydrotherapy, naturopathy, Emotional Freedom Technique, and modern theosophy.
  • In my programmes I typically use all of the above alongside the latest health-related scientific findings from such areas of interest as biology (e.g. the ‘microbiome’), psychology (e.g. the concept of ‘neuroplasticity’), epigenetics, connected systems theory, philosophy, quantum physics, and last but not least – fractal mathematics.
  • I apply the methodologies of Functional Nutrition, BodyTalk, BodyIntuitive, Phytobiophysics, and Pranic Healing to help you on the path to your optimal health.
  • I work in an evidence-based fashion (utilising western medical laboratory and home functional testing of your saliva, blood, stool, urine, hair or DNA) as well as in an intuitive, energetic manner. 

I do so alongside your medical care providers as well as independently. This allows me to find answers to many questions often not even posed before. Once the dots on your timeline are joined and your subconscious body mind is ‘heard’, you arrive at an insight leading you towards the desired transformation within your conscious body.

Sounds too good to be true? Are you ready to join me on the journey to embrace and embody your full health potential? Walk through the door to discover the new you….


What Body Mind Insights offers is not meant to be a substitute for medical advice. My service is a useful adjunct to your healing process. Only medically qualified practitioners can diagnose and treat medical conditions. Please consult your doctor when required.

Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine

Optimising your dietary choices to create a strong foundation for your health.

BodyTalk & BodyIntuitive

Listening to your body’s messages using your innate wisdom to bring you back into full health.


Using the power of flowers and trees to help you re-balance on all levels of consciousness.

Pranic Healing

Cleansing and replenishing the energy of your chakras to facilitate healing   from within.

What my clients say…


Beata Rachowiecka

Fully Qualified Registered Nutritional Therapist, BodyTalk, Body Intuitive, and Phytobiophysics practitioner, and a Pranic Healer

I work with clients of all ages presenting with a variety of health challenges. I also write for local publications as well as lecture to various groups and organisations. 

Since my original nutritional qualification (at ION with Distinction), I have been continually updating my knowledge as well as clinical skills. This has allowed me to build up professional expertise and remain one of the cutting-edge practitioners in the country.

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