BodyTalk & BodyIntuitive

BodyTalk combines the elements of a variety of disciplines: quantum physics, mathematical formulas, western anatomy and physiology, eastern healing systems, philosophy, and computer science amongst others.

This unique health care system was developed in 1995 by an Australian chiropractor and acupuncturist John Veltheim. Having studied the world’s many healing systems and philosophies, John arrived at this truly revolutionary, holistic system which allows the practitioner to tap into the innate healing ability of the client and help it manifest on all levels. And all this with the use of bare hands only!

BodyTalk can help with:

  • stress-related issues
  • digestive problems
  • hormonal imbalances
  • musculo-skeletal problems
  • learning difficulties
  • food intolerances
  • panic attacks / fears and phobias
  • low moods
  • many other problems

Whatever and wherever the breakdown in communication in the body mind, BodyTalk can help restore the balance! It can even help you open your mind to new possibilities, if you wish to use it as a self-development tool.


BodyIntuitive combines the latest advances in Western science (such as epigenetics, the human microbiome, neuroplasticity of the brain and the mind-body connection) with the wisdom of the ancient, Eastern healing tradition of Chinese Medicine. It is the brain child of Dr Laura Stuve and Dr Janet Galipo.

It has been inspired by the BodyTalk System’s structured intuition and priority-based protocol identifying and clearing the causative layers of dis-ease, 21st century scientific advances (especially the latest research into psych-neuro-immunology and the microbiome), as well as the ancient wisdom of Classical Chinese Medicine.

I incorporate both BodyTalk and BodyIntuitive methodologies into my client assessments as and where appropriate and use their combined strategies to help bring them back into the realm of sustainable wellbeing.

What to expect at a BodyTalk / BodyIntuitive session?

  • The good news is you don’t have to undress – you just lie fully clothed on a couch or sit in a chair if you prefer.
  • I ‘scan’ the body-mind by asking specific questions and ascertaining the answers by means of neuro-feedback.
  • Your body mind begins to tell its story – and the problems come into light. Wherever they arose, and for whatever reason they are still there, the communication has been eroded between the different aspects of your body mind, be it tension still remaining from a memory of a traumatic experience, or particular parts of a given system are not talking to each other the way they should.
  • Once revealed and acknowledged, they are ready to be dealt with and let go of. I use a series of tapping techniques to remind your body mind of communications problems gauged, and to re-store your innate health blueprint. This also allows your consciousness to remember how to maintain it for the future.
  • The body-mind specifies if and when a follow-up visit is required as the session ends.

Some people feel the difference after just one session, others need a few in-person meetings or distant sessions to experience the sense of improved wellbeing.

Following a few sessions, there is usually a sense of ease that allows you to face the many adversities of life. As well as the sense of calm, clients also report experiencing relief from physical symptoms, even though sometimes the problem you want to address may not even come up during the consultation. This is because your subconscious mind may be still be harbouring issues to be addressed – like the tip of the iceberg, only a few surface ice blocks may be noticeable to start with.

But in time, as you feel more and more comfortable dealing with the deeper issues underpinning various forms of resistance, things usually begin to shift on all levels.

Self-help technique to try – THE CORTICES

The cortices technique is pivotal to allowing the brain to recalibrate all and specific areas of its activity.