Healing Tips for 21st Century

The 21st century science has proved beyond doubt that we can participate in our health creation. Whether it is by changing such lifestyle habits like eating or exercising, sleeping more and stressing less, or by delving even deeper into the layers of our consciousness, we can initiate a powerful shift in our body-mind’s expression of our wellbeing at any time.  


To this effect, here are some tips to guide you on the way. Each tip can lead to powerful healing on its own, but when used together, they can allow you to heal your life, heal others, and create miracles.


  • Examine your beliefs to trigger changes in your life and health. Check if they serve your highest good – if not, let go of them – most deep-seated beliefs are best held on to as ‘preferences’. Use any tool or method you resonate with (be it BodyTalk, BodyIntuitive, EFT or similar) to shift your beliefs and perceptions. Challenge yourself by doing something you would normally refrain from doing and open yourself up to new ways of thinking. Start by changing your perception of yourself and what’s possible in the world around you. 


Remember: Your beliefs create your reality, within you (e.g. on all levels of your body-mind)

                   as well as around you.  



  • Connect to your True Self, your Soul. Your energetic blueprint exists in Universal Consciousness. Meditation, yoga, sacred geometry, singing in a choir, being in nature,  breathing and having a hug will all help you to feel one with the universe. Feel peace, joy and calmness and know that you are part of the world around you. It is that sense of connection what we all need to thrive as human beings.


Remember: Everyone is connected to Universal Consciousness, the Zero point Field, or the 

                    Tao. Doing so will prevent you from slipping into stress and disease in your life. 



  • Look for solutions rather than see problems. Any judgment keeps you from seeing possibilities rather than potential. Love yourself and others as you and they are, and know that everything unfolds exactly as it is supposed to. Learning to see what may be worth changing rather than what is wrong allows for more acceptance and less attachment. 


Remember: Observe the things you wish to change: it is observation with the intent of 

                   change that creates the potential for a new reality to come into being. 



  • Don’t sweat the small stuff and stay playful. Do things that make you laugh and hang out with friends and people who love you. Be childlike, playful and keep your heart open. Have fun, play with children and allow yourself to be less serious once in a while. Give your mind the space to think outside the box in order to seek creative, intuitive solutions, or even better: think there is no box!


Remember: Keeping a radiant and coherent heart is conducive to healing. Creativity is 

                   stimulated by play and all great insights & inventions happened in play time.


  • Use the best of the old and the new. Apply the wisdom of ancient healing masters and tradition combined with the latest developments in neuroscience and quantum physics. Be open to the latest ideas and new discoveries as they move fast in the 21st Century. 


Remember: Different wisdom is delivered for different times but the old wisdom is still   

                   valid. We need to utilise the synthesis of both the ancient wisdom and the

                   modern techniques for powerful results.