Healthproof your body early this year!

Despite fantastic availability of a wide range of fresh local and tropical foods this time of the year (in comparison with say the 90s or even earlier), many people forget about eating for optimal health and performance. We all know that what is optimal for one may not be the same for another: it all depends on what you expect your body and mind to deliver in terms of daily stamina, endurance, focus and concentration. Bearing in mind the varying nutrient density in our daily staples (due to quality of the soil, the cultivation methods, time delay from field to table, and other depleting factors let alone our different ability to extract these from consumed foods and personal needs biochemically speaking), it goes without saying that a micronutrient support can go a long way.

A plethora of scientific studies on the therapeutic benefits of vitamins, minerals and essential fats provide sample proof that achieving good health by natural means is possible. One can either remedy one’s health problems or simply enhance one’s wellbeing. Frequent developments in the field of cellular medicine have led to the identification of diverse nutrient synergies which reinforce cellular functions and thus assist in combating specific health issues. This is directly opposite to the unfounded views of those who state that taking a multivitamin produces only expensive urine – a claim so ridiculous it does not even warrant a direct and broad response. Successful use of cellular nutrients is based on the fact that most diseases result from states of chronic deficiency of essential nutrients needed for biochemical reactions within our cells. Yes, other factors may be involved, be it emotional traumas or exposure to toxins or epigenetics, but the crux of the matter is they all help the body function at its best and recover from the lows at times of excessive demands on the body. Supplying the cells with vital bioenergy and enabling it to detoxify contaminants such a medications and pesticides to mention just a couple, it critical for the functioning of our tissues, organs, glands and systems that make up every one of us.


So where and how are the nutrients helpful precisely? Here is a list of most common uses of some basic nutrients:

  1. Accumulation of plaque and resulting narrowing of the arteries can be prevented and treated by vitamin C, aminos lysine and proline, N-acetyl glucosamine, and chondroitin sulphate. Similarly, in angina pectoris collagen synthesis and stability is orchestrated via addition of collagen and vitamin E and copper to the above.
  1. In cases of irregular heartbeat, magnesium, potassium, calcium, carnitine, taurine, coenzyme Q10, vitamins C and B are needed for the electrical impulses within the heart to function efficiently. Heart failure or insufficiency is also dependent on the provision of similar nutrients in order to ensure optimum pumping function.
  1. In cases of rogue cell development into cancerous conditions, vitamin C, EGCG (a polyphenol from green tea), selenium, arginine, lysine, proline and N-acetyl-cysteine are beneficial. Chondroitin sulphate and glucosamine are also useful here for connective tissue stability.
  1. Whilst undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy, supporting the antioxidant status of the body as well as the immune system are needed and the nutrient provision depends on the chemicals used and the condition of the patient. These protocols have also been shown very helpful in recovery from such intense treatment options.
  1. Where raised blood pressure is a problem, such nutrients a vitamin C, magnesium, arginine and calcium are useful to relax the smooth muscle cells within the blood vessels and to improve their elasticity.
  1. Poor bone density and mineralisation have been shown to respond to the synergistic effect of supplementation of such bone matrix stabilising nutrients as collagen, vitamin C, D, folic acid, calcium and magnesium as well as strontium and boron. Sometimes where the bones are weak anti-nutrient toxins such as heavy metals need to be removed first and this is also where specific minerals and natural binding agents have proven useful.
  1. Where blood sugar problems are at stake, such nutrients as biotin, chromium, vitamins C and B, choline and inositol (from lecithin) have been shown to support glucose metabolism, whilst essential fats Omega 3 to improve the movement of glucose across cellular membranes.
  1. In cases of impaired breathing of asthmatic nature, irritant nature of some triggers as well as the physiological effect of narrowing of the airways and inflammation that ensues can be ameliorated by taking calcium, magnesium, arginine, vitamin C and lysine.
  1. In the cases of joint damage and degenerative changes there due to inflammatory processes, essential nutrients to support the body are EGCG (polyphenols), vitamin C, proline and lysine.
  1. Where high blood lipids are a problem, one needs to look to repair the artery walls first before reducing cholesterol levels thus vitamins C, B3, B5, E, carnitine and other nutrients are required. Only then modulating liver function can be undertaken.

And so on and so forth. What goes without saying is that one would ideally ensure the optimum level of all of these and other critical nutrients via supplementation on a prophylactic (preventative) basis, but the main source of these is ALWAYS a good, clean, nutrient-dense varied and diverse diet. The only problem is that more often than not our lifestyles require us to resort to supplementing these essentials as their levels in foods that are available are inadequate to meet our optimal needs. And since many of us are living in fast paced, polluted environments, our capacity to maintain such optimum nourishment is additionally challenged. Of course, looking at hydrating the body whilst following any micronutrient programme is critical – the body uses water for dissolving water soluble nutrients as well as to provide the adequate volume of blood to carry the nutrients.


The last few years have also shown us that those who we least metabolically compromised and optimally nourished had better chances to either avoid or recover from any vial illness going round. I have written about these specific solutions before so just take this blog as a reminder that the power of health in your and your hands only. May you stay optimally healthy at all times!