Laughter is healthful

Life is not always a walk in the park. But how we view it changes the game: a glass half- empty or half-full. Since mindset takes longer to change than the energy in the room, how about resorting to a simple yet powerful tool available to all: laughter. Have you ever considered gifting yourself such […]

The Secret of Change

When the worlds collide The Secret of Change Is to focus all of your energy, Not on fighting the old, But on building the new. Socrates I have written this blog just before the total solar eclipse on 8/4/24. For some this phenomenon in itself was scary to witness it in its entirety: darkness falling […]

Springtime wellbeing

Springtime is in the air… Every year springtime may pose a degree of a challenge: how to navigate transitionfrom cooler, winter climate to slightly warmer and lighter days that allow you to enjoyyour life more. This seasonal shift takes place every year. Yet, despite not being newto this annual cycle, we may still need a […]

Oral health – not just in the mouth

Researchers have concluded that the condition of your teeth and gums impacts your whole body. The mouth is a major route of introducing either nutritious and beneficial or toxic substances into the body.  We know health begins in the gut, but the health of our gut actually begins in our mouth! According to research, oral bacteria […]

Your Microbiome – friend or foe?

Your Microbiome – friend or foe? You may have heard the word ‘microbiome’ itself – denoting a whole range of organisms living in a given space in the body, from viruses, bacteria and fungi to bacteriophages or mutated viruses with bacteria which can also live happily next to specific single strains of organisms. You may […]

Healing Tips for 21st Century

The 21st century science has proved beyond doubt that we can participate in our health creation. Whether it is by changing such lifestyle habits like eating or exercising, sleeping more and stressing less, or by delving even deeper into the layers of our consciousness, we can initiate a powerful shift in our body-mind’s expression of […]

BODY & MIND connection

So you can see you are more than connected to everything within you. Over and above sensing all things internally, you are also linked to everything outside of you as your senses are engaging in all that surrounds you in both physical and energetic terms (quantum entanglement). As a result of this dynamic, you continuously […]

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