BODY & MIND connection

  • You have a few inbuilt ways which allow the body and mind to communicate fast – this has been needed from the evolutionary point of view to ensure our survival. When running from a sabretooth or being ready to fight the enemy tribe.
  • These include your nervous, hormonal and immune systems (also called Psycho-Neuro-Immunology or PNI) which talk to each other continually in order to mobilise you in an emergency. These ‘internal telephony providers’ are:
    • Hormonal network: via stress hormones and neurotransmitters (made in the body but affecting the mind as well), e.g. irritable bowel, shortness of breath when anxious, pain being worse when bereaved or getting more colds when feeling lonely or isolated.
    • Neurological network: via nervous system signalling, using main nerves (like the vagus) or coping tools (behaviour patterns, expectations or emotional operating systems), e.g. getting diarrhoea or constipation when stressed, feeling exhausted when depressed, or eating for comfort.
    • Immune system network: often shared with the above, orchestrated by various chemicals locally and throughout the body, e.g. feeling defensive when dealing with an immune threat, or irritable when faced with a viral, bacterial or fungal infection.
  • But there are also two additional ‘message channels’ which contribute to the continual cross-talk within your body. These consist of:
    • Your MICROBIOME (the different strains of bacteria in your gut, mouth and other moist places) – these communicate with every other system within the body, every organ and cell, let alone specific molecules within each of the above systems.
    • The energetic signatures of your emotions, thoughts, beliefs, memories, traumas, etc. – which create charges that can settle anywhere in the body mind or your aura, and impact on your health you even if they have come from previous generations or universal consciousness (emotions are often described energy-in-motion).

So you can see you are more than connected to everything within you. Over and above sensing all things internally, you are also linked to everything outside of you as your senses are engaging in all that surrounds you in both physical and energetic terms (quantum entanglement). As a result of this dynamic, you continuously manifest the outcomes of these interactions in your body mind. And the way you interpret them defines whether they show as health or discomfort. But this is the subject for a separate blog to come.